14m Aluminium Catamaran Passenger Boat Fishing Vessel
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14m Aluminium Catamaran Passenger Boat Fishing Vessel

The 14-meter catamaran passenger boat is a specially designed water vehicle whose unique two-hull construction gives it excellent stability and spacious interior space. With its excellent stability and spacious interior space, the 14-meter catamaran passenger ship has been widely used in the fields of tourism, short-distance passenger transport, water activities support, scientific investigation and environmental monitoring, and special tasks.
Product Description

Product Parameters

Length Overall 14m
Fuel tank capacity 1900L
Beam 3.9m
Water tank capacity 500L
Draft 4.47m
Transom 0.8m
Outboard engine 300*2,300*3
Displacement 11t app
People capacity (Max) 67
Bottom thickness 6mm
Boat hull thickness 5mm
Warranty 3 years

Product Details

The 14 m catamaran passenger boat is a specially designed vessel designed to carry passengers. The following are the main features of the ship:

Catamaran design: This type of vessel uses a catamaran construction consisting of two side-by-side hulls. This design provides excellent stability and comfort, maintaining smooth sailing even in rough waters. The twin-body design also increases the buoyancy of the vessel and improves safety.

Moderate length: 14 meters in length allows the vessel to accommodate enough passengers while maintaining flexibility and ease of handling. This size is suitable for operation in urban rivers, lakes and other waters, providing passengers with a convenient mode of transportation.

Spacious passenger space: The catamaran design provides a larger deck area and passenger space, enabling passengers to move freely and enjoy a comfortable ride on board. There may be seats, shade facilities, and even commissaries to meet the diverse needs of passengers.

Efficient power systems: Such vessels are usually equipped with efficient power systems, including modern engines and propulsion to ensure smooth and fast sailing. Powertrain optimization also helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Good handling: The catamaran is designed to be good handling. Even in busy waters or narrow shipping lanes, the crew is able to easily maneuver the vessel, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers.

Versatility: In addition to being used as a passenger boat, the 14m catamaran passenger boat can also be used for a variety of other activities such as water weddings, business meetings, team building, etc. This versatility makes the boat ideal for water activities and recreation.

Environmentally friendly: Such vessels usually run on clean energy sources, such as electricity or natural gas, to reduce pollution to the environment. At the same time, the vessels are designed and built with the conservation and use of water resources in mind for sustainable development.

To sum up, the 14m catamaran passenger boat has become a popular water transport with its catamaran design, moderate length, spacious passenger space, efficient power system, good handling, versatility and environmental protection, providing passengers with a comfortable, safe and enjoyable boating experience.



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