15m Aluminum Commercial Passenger Ship With Outboard Engine
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15m Aluminum Commercial Passenger Ship With Outboard Engine

The 15m passenger boat is often used for excursions and sightseeing trips on lakes, rivers or coastal areas. Due to its modest size, it is able to maneuver through various waters, providing passengers with an up-close viewing experience. Because of its unique appearance and comfortable riding environment, the 15m passenger boat is often used for special events, such as birthday parties, wedding celebrations, team building activities, etc. By decorating and arranging itThe double hull design provides excellent stability and comfort for the 15 m double hull passenger boat. Even in stormy waters, it can maintain a smooth sailing, providing passengers with a safe and comfortable ride experience. Due to its modest size and stable performance, the 15m catamaran passenger boat is often used for excursions and sightseeing excursions. Whether in lakes, rivers or offshore areas, it provides passengers with a stable and spacious viewing platform, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery along the way. This type of boat is also suitable for supporting a variety of water activities such as fishing, diving, kayaking, etc. Its stable hull and spacious space provide ideal conditions for these events, enabling passengers to indulge in water fun., it can be a fun and creative place to move.
Product Description

Product Parameters

Length Overall 49ft(15m)
Fuel tank capacity 2100L
Beam 12ft(3.9m)
Water tank capacity 500L
Draft 4.47m
Transom 0.8m
Outboard engine 300*3
Displacement 11t app
People capacity (Max) 67
Bottom thickness 6mm
Boat hull thickness 5mm
Warranty 3 years

Product Details

The 15m catamaran passenger boat is a uniquely designed water vehicle designed to carry passengers. The following are the main features of the ship:

Catamaran design: This boat uses a catamaran structure consisting of two side-by-side hulls. This design provides excellent stability and comfort, maintaining smooth sailing even in rough waters. The twin-body design also helps to disperse the impact of the waves, reducing rocking and providing a more peaceful and comfortable ride for passengers.

Moderate length: The length of 15 meters allows this catamaran to accommodate a sufficient number of passengers while maintaining the appropriate flexibility and ease of handling characteristics. This size is suitable for operation in urban rivers, lakes and other waters, providing passengers with a convenient mode of transportation.

Spacious passenger space: The catamaran design provides a larger deck area and passenger space, enabling passengers to move freely and enjoy a comfortable ride on board. The ship has seats, shading facilities, etc., to meet the diverse needs of passengers.

Efficient power system: This catamaran passenger vessel is usually equipped with an efficient power system, including modern engines and propulsion. These devices provide excellent acceleration and cruise performance, allowing the vessel to sail quickly and smoothly.

Good handling: The catamaran is designed to be good handling. Even in busy waters or narrow shipping lanes, the crew is able to easily maneuver the vessel, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers.

Versatility: The 15m catamaran passenger boat is suitable for a variety of water activities, such as sightseeing excursions, water weddings, business meetings, etc. Its spacious space and stable performance make it ideal for hosting a variety of water activities.

High safety performance: This catamaran passenger vessel meets international and national safety standards, has a strong hull structure and is fully equipped. The ship is also equipped with life-saving equipment, fire-fighting equipment and other safety facilities to ensure the safety of passengers.

Energy conservation and environmental protection: Modern catamaran passenger ships are also paying more and more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, using clean energy and energy-saving technologies to reduce environmental pollution.

To sum up, the 15m catamaran passenger boat with its catamaran design, moderate length, spacious passenger space, efficient power system, good handling, versatility, high safety performance and energy saving and environmental protection characteristics, become the ideal choice for water transportation and sightseeing and other fields, to provide passengers with a comfortable, safe and enjoyable boating experience.



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