10.5m Welded Aluminum Catamaran Passenger Boat For Sale
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10.5m Welded Aluminum Catamaran Passenger Boat For Sale

The 10.5 m catamaran passenger boat is mainly used for water navigation, especially in tourism, short-distance passenger transport and other aspects have a wide range of applications. These boats are usually designed to be high-speed, comfortable and safe, suitable for short distances in waters such as lakes, rivers or straits.
Product Description

Product Parameters

Boat Hull Overall length 10.5m
Beam 3.3m
Depth 1.55m
Bottomsides 6mm
Topsides 5mm
Transom 6mm
Number of people(Basic) 12
Min. Power 300hp
Max. Power 500hp
Transom Shaft Length 25''
Weight(boat only) 1500kg
Warranty 3 years

Product Details

The 10.5 m catamaran is a specially designed vessel designed to carry passengers, especially in the fields of tourism, sightseeing and water transport. The following are the main features of the ship:

Catamaran design: This type of vessel has a catamaran construction, that is, the hull consists of two floating bodies side by side. This design provides greater stability and comfort, especially in rough waters. The twin-body design can also increase the buoyancy of the vessel, making it safer.

Moderate size: 10.5 meters in length allows this vessel to accommodate a certain number of passengers without being too large, suitable for operation in urban waterways, lakes and other waters. This size also makes the boat easier to dock and operate.

Passenger comfort: Such vessels are usually equipped with comfortable seats, shade facilities, air conditioning, etc., to provide a better passenger experience. The ship may also have facilities such as toilets and commissaries to meet the basic needs of passengers.

Environmentally friendly: Such vessels usually run on clean energy sources, such as electricity or natural gas, to reduce pollution to the environment. At the same time, they are designed with water conservation and use in mind for sustainable development.

Versatility: The 10.5-meter catamaran passenger boat can be used not only for sightseeing, but also for a variety of activities such as weddings, business meetings, and team building on the water. This versatility allows for a wider range of applications.

Safety: These vessels usually meet international and national safety standards and are equipped with safety facilities such as life-saving equipment and fire-fighting equipment. At the same time, the training and management of the crew are also very strict to ensure the safety of passengers.

To sum up, the 10.5 m catamaran passenger boat has become an important tool in the field of water transportation and tourism due to its unique catamaran design, moderate size, passenger comfort, environmental protection, versatility and safety.



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