12m Marine Aluminum Catamaran Passenger Boat With 40 Luxury Seats
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12m Marine Aluminum Catamaran Passenger Boat With 40 Luxury Seats

The 12-meter passenger boat is a common means of water transportation, mainly used to transport passengers and their belongings. Can be used for tourism, short-distance transportation, recreation, emergency rescue and so on.
Product Description

Product Parameters

Boat Hull Overall length 12.6m
Beam 3.3m
Depth 1.55m
Bottomsides 6mm
Topsides 5mm
Transom 6mm
Number of people(Basic) 16
Min. Power 300hp
Max. Power 500hp
Transom Shaft Length 25''
Weight(boat only) 3150kg
Warranty 3 years

Product Details

The 12-meter passenger boat is a common means of water transport, mainly used to carry passengers for sightseeing, sightseeing, commuting and other activities. The following are the main features of the ship:

Moderate size: The length of 12 meters allows this vessel to accommodate a certain number of passengers without being too large, suitable for operation in urban rivers, lakes, offshore waters and other waters. This size also makes the boat easier to dock and operate.

Comfortable riding experience: Passenger ships usually pay attention to the comfort of passengers, with spacious seats, shading facilities, air conditioning, etc., to provide passengers with a comfortable riding environment. At the same time, the ship may also provide recreational facilities, dining services, etc., to meet the diverse needs of passengers.

High safety performance: 12-meter passenger ships usually meet international and domestic safety standards, hull structure is strong, well-equipped, equipped with life-saving equipment, fire equipment and other safety facilities. At the same time, the training and management of the crew are also very strict to ensure the safety of passengers.

Versatility: In addition to being used as a sightseeing boat, the 12-meter passenger boat can also be used for commuting, water weddings, business meetings and other activities. This versatility allows the vessel to have a wider range of application scenarios to meet the needs of different passengers.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Modern passenger ships are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and energy saving, using clean energy and energy-saving technologies to reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, the design of the vessel also considers the conservation and use of water resources to achieve sustainable development.

Good handling: 12m passenger boats usually have good handling, and the crew can easily control the boat for navigation, docking and other operations. This good handling ensures the safety and stability of the vessel, providing a smooth boating experience for passengers.

To sum up, the 12-meter passenger boat, with its moderate size, comfortable riding experience, high safety performance, versatility, environmental protection and energy saving and good handling characteristics, has become an important tool in the field of water transportation and sightseeing, providing passengers with a convenient, comfortable and safe boating experience.



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