Lifestyle Options such as kitchen, fresh water, toilet. Extremely strong and durable and give you confidence on the sea.
Great Space, Large open deck area is better for family boating, diving, fishing, cruising, relaxing, 
nice windscreen keeps out the weather and brings you freat experiences on the water
 LIFESTYLE 7.5M 9M 10.5M 11.6M
Length Maximum
 8.25m 9.6m11m
 Length of the hull 7.55m 9m 10.5m 11.6m
 Beam  2.45m 2.45m 3.3m 3.3m
 Depth 1.45m 1.55m 1.9m 1.55m
 Bottomsides 5mm 5mm 6mm 6mm
 Topsides 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm
 Transom  5mm 5mm 6mm 6mm
 Transom shaft 25” 25” 25” 25”
 Weight(boat only ) 1670kg 2150kg 3000kg 4000kg
Min.power 200HP 300HP 300HP 400HP
Max.power 300HP 500HP 500HP 600HP
 Number of people(Basic) 8 10 14 16